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Information for home Sellers in Virginia

Tips and Information for Home sellers in the Hampton Roads,
Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk and Portsmouth areas of Virginia

Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, there are a great many things you will have to plan and prepare if you want to sell your home successfully. All the while, you will probably be feeling a little emotional about the prospects of leaving a home where you and your family have had so many good times. I have gathered some links to tips and advice for home sellers so that they may be more informed about the home selling process. Even if this is not your first time selling a home, it may be a good idea to review these home selling tips and advice before selling again.
Preparation begins with detaching yourself from your house. It can be extremely difficult, which is why something as simple as terminology can have a great effect. That is why most real estate pros will refer to a property as a house as opposed to a home.After you are sure you are really ready to sell comes the real preparation and work. However, if you take your time and interview several highly qualified and professional real estate agents and carefully select the one you are sure will market and advertise your house correctly and effectively, you will have made the process much easier. After all, it is an agents job to make sure you have gone through all the necessary steps to prepare your house before they begin any marketing and advertising.


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Getting Your House Ready to Sell
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Details of a Listing Contract
Listing Commissions and Related Issues
The Listing Agent & Marketing Your Home
The Listing Agent – Marketing Your House to Other Agents
The Listing Agent – Marketing Your House to Homebuyers
Showing Your House to Home Buyers