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Welcome to Culpepper Landing, Virginia


Nestled along the shores of the Great Dismal Swamp Canal you lies Culpepper Landing. Unlike many master-planned communities that seem out of touch with their surroundings, Culpepper Landing is a flawless melding of luxurious living and natural undisturbed ecologic beauty. Those who seek to live in a community that is tranquil and peaceful will love Culpepper Landing. Neighborhoods in Culpepper Landing all have various open natural spaces such as public squares and pocket parks where residents can relax, meet their neighbors and enjoy nature. But that does not mean that Culpepper Landing is boring, nothing could be further from the truth. Culpepper Landing has a variety of recreational activities for all ages. From kayaking, canoeing and boating in the intracoastal, to cycling, backpacking and hiking, Culpepper Landing is ideal for those who love healthy lifestyles. There are also facilities for camping, picnicking and bird-watching.Don´t think that just because Culpepper Landing is situated just on the northern edge of the Great Dismal Swamp, that it lacks any amenities. This well-planned community is ideally removed but at the same time, offers residents golf, shopping and three different malls within 10 miles as well as three schools right here in the community. It is an ideal retreat after a day of work as well as an excellent place to retire.Architectural styles in Culpepper Landing range from Victorian, Colonial and Craftsman to Cottages, Row Houses and Interpretative Style. There are nine different floor plans to choose offering a variety of options and amenities.If you are thinking of buying a home in Culpepper Landing, please browse my featured listings or contact me. I would be happy to send you more information.